We will answer a few questions here.

What will be the pricing?

Our normal pricing directly via the site is for normal projects €6,00 a hour. For big projects a special price can be negotiated. Sometimes a freelancer can change it's price, always ask for the pricing a hour.

Can I hire a few talents for a project?

Yes you can, we will make a special pricing + look for the perfect talents to work on your project. This will we do with you, because it's your project. Email us at team@devilish.club with your project information. So we can craft the perfect team of talents for you.

How can I pay?

We accept a Tikkie, Paypal and a Rabobank request. Why do we only accept these few payment methods? Because we are still a small team, we are here to learn for our future and you can help us by hiring us.

Interested? Send me an email!