Jo-an de Wijs (Musician)

We help artists like Jo-an de Wijs realize their songs and albums from the start on. We make plans on how we can launch and do it as professionally possible, this will give it a bigger chance to get discovered.

We try to make a press plan, for how the song/album launches and what we need for it. In all of this, we asked and wanted the artist to have as much as ideas and feedback on how it needs to be done. Because it's their music and so they get to have a big say in it.

With Jo-an de Wijs, Sesayar films and edits all of her videos. This is so she can grow on social media in more than just music. Her branding will be shaped in this way. With more content and all her performances will be public, this gives her a more public/famous look.

We try to help with audio as much as possible and think with her in every step she takes. So we get more expertise in the music world and other parts of the creative industry.

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